Spiritual Stress?

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Have you ever been in a situation where you felt like you were being “attacked” based on what you believe?  I recently had someone try to strongly convince me how right they were about spirituality and how wrong I was!  In these very stressful situations when we are under fire, it’s best to remember that being right is not always the right thing to be.  I’ve written a few quick thoughts regarding the spiritual journey that can help all of us remember that we will not always see eye-to-eye on every spiritual issue — and that’s okay!

Two people can be on the same spiritual journey, but be at two separate places along the journey. Neither place is wrong, right, or better than the other.  In fact, most people probably are at differing places in the journey since we progress on our journey at varying paces.

Think of two trains going toward the same destination on parallel tracks … the spiritual journey.  The only way the drivers of those two trains are ever going to see eye-to-eye is if they are right next to each other so they can turn and physically see each other eye-to-eye.  Since every train is leaving its station at a different time, seeing eye-to-eye is not likely to happen … which is absolutely fine because most spiritual journeys evolve at different rates.  Don’t be mislead by my analogy of parallel tracks … although I’m using that as an easy to understand visual example, the spiritual path is far from linear.

We aren’t on our spiritual journey to prove right and wrong or to tell others how things should be — to force everybody to see eye-to-eye.  Most spiritual journeys begin and even progress for some time as black and white, but there is a turning point in a person’s path where the journey evolves into lovely shades of gray.  At some point in that gray zone, one begins to realize that being right is most often not the right thing to be.

The spiritual journey is one of self development to focus on bettering ourself through unconditional love, and only then — once we are better fulfilled and further developed — can others benefit from our journey … not so much by our words and our message, but by our actions and how we radiate love to the world, which will likely be a direct reflection of how we love ourself.  How can we possibly love anyone else unconditionally if we don’t even love ourself unconditionally — truly loving ourself with all of our baggage, our bad habits, our pasts, our body image issues, etc…?

The bottom line for any spiritual journey is simple:  unconditional love.

Be well & be love … Chad



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