Could You Be Stressed Without Even Knowing?

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When I show clients strategies to help minimize stress in their lives, I often begin with one very simple, yet amazingly powerful tip:  Become Aware.

When we are stressed, our bodies begin to tell us we are stressed before we may even realize it.  We may not “feel” stressed out, but our bodies may be telling a different story.  During these times a few things usually begin to happen:  our shoulders rise up toward our earlobes, our jaws clench, our teeth grind, and the muscles in our neck, head, back and legs begin to tighten.

Unfortunately, we don’t always recognize this when it happens and the longer these muscles remain chronically contracted, the more likely we are to end up with headaches, painful jaws, and pain in general.

Several times each day, become aware of these areas of your body and note whether your muscles are contracted.  If they are, simply relax each area and go on about your day.  Repeat this as often as necessary until it becomes routine for you to find your shoulders, jaw, and muscles relaxed each time you check.

Be well …


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