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Yale Law School is experimenting with a new program to help their students in the ongoing battle with stress.  Monty, a certified therapy dog, is a 21-pound, brown, border terrier mix who is available for students to check out — literally — from the law library.  The thirty minute sessions with Monty provide students with an additional avenue for stress relief.

Law librarian, Blair Kauffman, hopes the free three day pilot program is a “positive addition to current services offered by the library.”

My take on Monty the Stress Therapy Dog …

MTV and the Associated Press recently teamed up and studied over 2000 students from 40 randomly selected colleges across the nation.  Their results showed that 85% of students are stressed out on a daily basis.  In my career as a hospital pharmacist, I’ve seen therapy dogs make a positive impact in the lives of patients with various medical conditions and suspect those benefits would carry over to stressed out students as well.  As a pharmacist and wellness advocate who specializes in showing students, professionals, and entrepreneurs medication-free strategies to minimize stress and maximize success, I’m ecstatic to see such a program for the students at Yale Law School and hope their trial run is a huge success.

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