The Prescription for Student Success!

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Chad is a pharmacist and former college instructor who has seen firsthand the barriers, issues, and stressors that block students from succeeding in college.  Having filled hundreds of thousands of prescriptions during his career — many for stress and stress related issues, he has come to the conclusion that we are a medication nation of extremely stressed out students who are looking for a pill to get on the fast path to success.  Chad gives students the straight talk about relying on prescription medications and other substances.  His program, The Prescription for Student Success, is a fast-acting, medication-free formula that shows students how to have more energy, increase productivity, enhance performance, decrease absences, improve grades, and graduate on time.  Chad’s energy and enthusiasm are sure to energize, entertain, and educate the students at your school.  If you would like to bring Chad to speak to the students at your school, contact us today for booking availability!


I'm a pharmacist who speaks to college & corporate groups. My signature program is an edgy, engaging, and entertaining talk called: Sex, Drugs, & Red Bull.™


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