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Awesome April Fools’ Day Prank

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This post is just for fun because having fun is a great way to stress less … especially on April Fools’ Day!  Here is a super easy and fun April Fools’ Day prank that I had loads of success with today:


1.  Cut a small square off from the sticky part of a “sticky  note”.

2.  Write “April Fools!” on it.

3.  Stick it over the red light sensor on your Fools’ mouse.

4.  Sit back and see how long it takes before they figure out why their mouse isn’t working!


Here’s to you having fun and stressing less … Be well – Chad


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Chad with Jonathan Sprinkles in Los Angeles

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Recently back from L.A. … Just a quick post to show everyone a super cool photo with the awesome Jonathan Sprinkles — one of America’s best speakers and one of my amazing mentors!


Be well –




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