5-Minute Friends

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5-Minute Friend

What in the world is a 5-minute friend?

A 5-minute friend is someone who is closer to you than an acquaintance, but not necessarily as close as say, your BFF.  It’s someone who brightens your soul, but not someone you routinely see.  However, when you do run into your 5-minute friends (maybe in a restaurant, a lobby somewhere, or even just on Facebook), they always stop and make the time to catch up with you and spend about five minutes visiting with you to see what’s going on in  your world (unlike an acquaintance with whom you simply share a simple smile and a courteous “hello”).

Thanks to technology, we live in a socially connected world — a world our great-grandparents would find foreign.  Over the years, we’ve gone from having only acquaintances, friends, and best friends to having many types of friends across a very blurry and broad spectrum.

Today we have acquaintances, Facebook fans and friends, Twitter followers, connections, co-workers, 5-minute friends, friends, best friends, relationships, family, and everything in between (in no particular order) falling onto our friendship spectrum.  So why are 5-minute friends so special?

With 5-minute friends, there is a deeper, albeit not necessarily spoken, connection.  At the risk of sounding a little “wooey – wooey”, these are the people with whom your soul truly connects and resonates.  They light up your life,  but for whatever reason (good or bad), neither of you has taken the connection to a deeper friendship — and that’s okay!  We need 5-minute friends in our life.  They bring us a positive, uplifting, and energizing experience to the crazy, chaotic worlds in which we live.

A couple of years ago, I was attending a seminar in Houston, Texas, when I decided to take a break and check out what was happening on Facebook.  I was shocked to see that a “friend” of mine had died quite unexpectedly.  He was in his early thirties and I was perplexed at how this could have happened to someone who was so seemingly healthy and vibrant.  I was stunned and overwhelmed.  Then, in an instant, it hit me like a ton of bricks — why was this guy’s death having such an impact on me?  After all, neither of us had made an effort to connect more than visiting for 5-minutes here and there when our paths crossed.  Why was the death of an acquaintance tugging at my soul?  The answer is simple:  because he felt like much more than an acquaintance based on my few encounters with him (truthfully, we only ever interacted maybe a dozen times).

That’s when I realized that some of the people I normally would have thought of as acquaintances were actually closer to me than I previously thought.  Thus, the 5-Minute Friend.

Life is short and our only real task is to love each other … to build and foster connections.  Today, I challenge you to seek out your 5-minute friend and catch up with them.  You’ll feel better for having done so!

Peace & Prosperity On Your Journey -
Chad Simpson, RPh
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