3 Essentials for a Stress-Less Semester

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Happy New Semester!  It’s that time again to kick off a brand new semester with a fresh start.  When I speak to college students about minimizing stress, I give them a blueprint that shows how to build a solid core foundation that prepares them to stress less and maximize success.  Once you lay a foundation with my core principals, you can build on it as much or as little as you like.  It’s completely up to you.

Below are three essentials for starting a “Stress-Less” Semester.  Use these tips to build onto the core foundation you learned in my keynote presentation, seminar, or workshop to help minimize stress and maximize your success!

1.  Get Organized

My favorite way to stay organized is with the incredible online information management tool, Evernote.  I am in no way affiliated with Evernote.  I don’t get paid or compensated by them in any fashion.  It’s just a great product that I personally use to help organize my own stuff.  A few super, cool things you can do with Evernote as a student:

- Take notes in class

- Use tags and notebooks to organize

- Scan documents into Evernote

- Email notes and information directly into Evernote

- Make “To Do” lists

- Use their web based app, desktop app, smart phone app, or iPad app … or use ALL of them and they all sync nicely to make sure your information is always accessible.

2.  Be Well

With the hectic demands of classes, work, labs, study groups, organizations, friends and family, it’s easy to forget about taking care of yourself.  Stick with the basics:

- Get enough (but not too much) rest

- Stay well hydrated

- Get plenty of exercise

- Eat right

- Consider taking a good vitamin supplement

- Stress less

3.  Get Unstuck

Have you ever felt “stuck”?  Sometimes school gets so chaotic that you can feel paralyzed or stuck without a clear idea for what to do next.  My best advice for that overwhelming sense of paralysis is simple:  Take Action.  Make a plan (usually a To Do List) and immediately start taking action.  The cool thing is that action builds on itself and the faster you get the things on your list accomplished the less stuck you’ll feel.

Get Organized …  Be Well …  Get Unstuck …  Three things that are sure to start off your semester a little more smoothly.

Wishing you all a fantastic semester — Chad


Chad Simpson is a professional speaker and pharmacist specializing in stress management, wellness, and peak performance.  Chad shows students nationwide how to stop living a life paralyzed by stress.  For information on how to bring Chad to your school, just contact our office.

The opinions and information provided by Chad Simpson and/or The Chad Simpson Group are for informational purposes only and are not intended to treat, diagnose, or render medical advice.  They are not a substitute for medical advice or treatment from your physician or healthcare practitioner.  Always check with your physician before starting any exercise or physical therapy program.  Never start, stop, or make changes to your medication or healthcare regimen without first checking with your physician.



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