Are You One of The 85%?

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MTV and the Associated Press recently interviewed 2,240 college students from 40 randomly selected universities across the United States to explore the emotional health of today’s college students.  If you are a college student, the results are a no-brainer:  College Students Are Stressed Out.  In fact, 85% of college students experience stress on a daily basis.  Sort of like saying the sky is blue, huh? Big deal, right?  Life is stressful … everyone knows that.

Actually, it is a big deal.  Stress does horrible, terrible, mean, nasty things to your health (I’ll save all that for another blog post), but the big deal for students is simple: stress screws up your grades.  According to the American College Health Association, stress is the number one impediment to academic performance.

The solution:  Minimize Stress to Maximize Your Grades!

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